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to the advanced way of flight preparation and flight information

FlyPrep is a flight preparation and flight information software with collision warning system and assists you with your flight preparation as well as during your flight.
FlyPrep was and is developed by pilots for pilots.

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FlyPrep offers all calculations to prepare a safe flight and to give you important information during the flight like the Point of No Return, the current wind or the Equal Time Point. It covers most of the calculations of the E6B and CX-2 flight computers. See calculations for more detailed descriptions.
With your device you can do the flight preparation at the aircraft with the exact weights of the passengers and baggage, and the correct amount of fuel in the tank.

FlyPrep has a built in collision warning system amongst FlyPrep users. It gives a warning if there is a probability of a collision with another aircraft and alarms if a collision is very likely.

FlyPrep lets you plan and save routes. The selected route is displayed in the airfield view amongst the airfields, the airspaces, the navigations aids and other aircrafts with active FlyPrep.
The runways of the airfields are displayed true to scale in length and in the true direction.
For the event of engine failure during the flight, FlyPrep helps you in estimating if a surrounding airfield can be reached gliding.

FlyPrep lets you manage your own aircrafts. The data of the selected aircraft is used in navigation and in the flight preparation and flight information dialogs.

FlyPrep has a fully integrated help system describing all its functionality in detail for quick reference.


Calculation examples:

Calculation of planned magnetic heading and ground speed:

Calculation of wind direction and speed:

Collision warning and alarm:

Collision warning: Collision alarm:
CollisionWarning CollisionAlarm

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